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Selbstlernmodule wordcloudThe e-module Initiate student input is one of six e-modules currently available to teachers via the ILIAS learning platform. The e-module focuses on both methods and language teachers can use to activate and interact with students in their English-taught class.
The e-module begins with a motivation unit whereby the benefits of active student learning are listed. The unit is supplemented with a link to a how-to-do video from the Duke Center for Instructional Technology and a streamed video sequence from a class taught at the University of Freiburg. Both clips provide a first impression of what the e-module covers; namely methods and explicit instructions.
This is followed by a second unit on communicative strategies, which lays out some methods teachers can easily embed into their lessons. The video tutorials show how the methods can be employed during lectures via the use of slides or handouts. The third unit is dedicated to the use of explicit language when setting up and employing these methods in a classroom setting. The unit includes a video tutorial, a downloadable resource sheet and a link to a part of a lecture given by Eric Mazur. In the lecture, Prof. Mazur clearly instructs a classroom task and activates students in a large lecture setting.
The e-module rounds out with a brief summary quiz, self-reflection questions, links to articles on how other teachers have activated their classes, and a self-learning task. In particular, the self-learning task provides a template for teachers to reflect on the level of interaction in past lessons and prepare in-class exercises for future classes.
As in the other e-modules, the unique mix of video tutorials, resource sheets, links to articles and video clips, and self-study templates allow teachers to reflect on and explore language use and communicative strategies for English-taught courses at their own pace. At the end of the e-module, there is a brief feedback survey, which we urge you to complete because it helps us identify strengths and weaknesses as we develop and optimize future e-modules.
We look forward to your feedback on this and other e-modules! Alternatively, you can email us any comments or questions you may have at emi@sli.uni-freiburg.de

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