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Over 40 teachers have already accessed e-modules launched at the beginning of summer term 2015. The six e-modules, created by the English Medium Instruction (EMI) project team at Sprachlehrinstitut, are available to all teachers via the ILIAS learning platform. In particular, two modules have proven especially appealing so far: Lecturing in English: Cohesion through signposts and Do you speak Denglish or English?.

Selbstlernmodule wordcloudThe Lecturing in English e-module focuses on functions and typical expressions in a lecture such as transitioning to a new topic or highlighting information. This communicative skill ensures better structure in lectures in English while also reducing the cognitive load students are dealing with when learning new content in a foreign language.

The Do you Speak Denglish or English? e-module looks at some typical errors German speakers make in English. For example, might you be saying ‘I am irritated’ when you actually mean ‘I am confused’? Are you transferring German word stress to make strange sounding words in English, i.e. phil-o-SOPH-er instead of phi-LOS-o-pher? Have you ever asked students whether they “still have the red line?”?

While lecturing is undoubtedly an important teaching skill, facilitating student interaction plays a vital role as well. The e-modules listed below focus on communicative strategies and language for interaction skills. Each module contains video tutorials, resource sheets, links to articles and video clips, and self-study templates to foster reflection on language use and best-practice communicative strategies.

In order to tailor future modules, teachers’ feedback and input on current e-modules are desirable and welcome. By filling in brief feedback surveys at the end of the e-module(s) you work through, you will help us identify strengths and weaknesses as we develop and optimize future e-modules.

Alternatively, you can email us directly with feedback comments at emi@sli.uni-freiburg.de.

We look forward to your Feedback!

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